One of Bursa escort girls met a guy and passion has captivated them right on the sandy beach
» » One of Bursa escort girls met a guy and passion has captivated them right on the sandy beach
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The summer was coming to an end but Kelly never had time to rest properly. Rest, in her submission, included hot sex with a handsome guy on the beach. However, this year, all the guys for some reason turned out to be too polite gentlemen. She has been invited to a dinner a couple of times, but there were only kisses, and Kelly was frankly upset.

Her last dinner on the beach was also the last chance. She, one of Bursa escort girls, decided to pamper herself with exquisite seafood: Kelly ordered oysters, calamari and enjoyed dinner, sitting in a cafe on the coast where beautiful sunsets were not rare.

When it was sunset, a guy came up to her table. A tall, tanned young man met a girl. They got into a conversation. He rested here for a long time, it was visible by his tan, and his beautiful muscled body was as if created for a rest on the beach or to pose to look at him, as a model.

After supper, they decided to take a bottle of wine and take a walk. They walked along the shore for about an hour. Kelly happily drowned in the sand, they swam a bit in the water that had heated up during the day, but the guy made no attempts to get to closer acquaintance. Kelly was upset. It seemed that this acquaintance was not going to give her what she has wanted for so many days.

When the couple approached the edge of the beach, where the changing cabinets were located, the guy unexpectedly took the initiative over one of escort girls Bursa. He obviously wanted to kiss her goodbye so Kelly leaned forward to let him do it but that kiss was so passionate! He pressed her against the wall of the changing cabinet. His lips dug into the lips of the girl, and Kelly moaned with pleasure: that was exactly what she wanted all this evening! A couple of seconds later, the girl had already wrapped her arms around the boy’s neck. Kelly, gently wriggling, was seductively purring into the mouth of a young man, and his cock rested against her belly.

A few minutes later, the guy suggested moving to another place where their horizontal games would be more convenient. Of course, he did not say anything aloud, but they did not want to be distracted from each other – it was obvious. He just laid Kelly on the sand, continuing to press tightly a hot swollen cock to her pussy. The swimsuit of the girl was wet because before that they were swimming in the ocean. Nevertheless, she felt that everything was burning: her body wanted to feel the guy closer, deeper. She wanted to know what he tasted like in all places. Kelly pushed him with her palms into his chest, forcing him to roll over on his back, and sat on top of him. After a couple of minutes, the hot cock of the guy was already in her mouth. The guy held Kelly’s head, directing it so that the dick plunged deeper, touching the smooth surface of the cheek of an escort girl Bursa from the inside. Kelly’s throat contracted sweetly, caressing the head of the penis, she swallowed the sticky drops and licked it. The guy wrapped his hands around the girl’s head, making several deep jerks. Kelly stuck out her tongue and framed it so that the penis gently rubbed against the slippery surface.

The guy obviously could not stand it anymore: he just turned the girl on her stomach, lifting her hips, and put his wet hot cock to her pussy. Kelly’s knees were a little drowned in the sand, but the girl wanted to feel the dick so deep inside… An escort girl Bursa stood on all fours, raised her ass, and pushed back a little, trying to insert a penis into her. The guy instantly repeated this movement, pushed to meet, and a cock gently and easily slipped inside the pussy. Kelly moaned loudly with pleasure, she did not restrain herself. She wanted to get the most out of this evening as she knew this is only one-time in the life and the guy is also one-time. The guy moved faster, his pace became jerkier as the peak of pleasure approached. Kelly helped him; she pushed her hips back, towards his movements, literally wriggling beneath him on the sand. The sand continued to flow through her fingers, the girl’s lips were still salty from the guy’s taste, but she continued to bite and lick him.

Kelly finished, as soon as the guy turned her on the stomach and made a deep push, filling the girl’s vagina with his cock. The girl curved like a cat, and screamed from orgasm, squeezing a cock of the guy with her pussy.

They lay on the sand for a few more minutes, until Kelly recovered, and the only thing the girl regretted was that they did not meet at the beginning of her festive rest.



Bursa escort girl tells her life story that led her to be an escort worker

Hi, everyone! My name’s Sofia and I work as one of escort girls Bursa. My hometown is Domazlice city, near Klatovy, the Czech Republic, it is located in lesser than 10 kilometers from the border with Germany. I know, this site doesn’t really represent workers from the Czech Republic, so I’m telling everyone I am from Ukraine – no one can really make a difference between mine look and the look of Ukrainian locals. My city is really spectacular but kind of boring. I always wanted to get out of it, to see the world. The biggest thing that stopped me was the absence of money to implement all these.

Bursa eskortlar girl and a guy in a hotel or a brave couple having sex in the hallway in front of the audience

We left the cafe and went to the third floor of the motel. The hallway was empty, and the table of the hostess was left by its owner too. He pushed me to the couch, which stood in a separate corner; he looked out into the hallway again and put his arm around my waist.

I lifted my head, listening. Silence. I felt a hand groping in the crotch and weakened with every passing second like a bursa escort girl. Then I pressed my horny mouth to his half-open mouth in surprise.


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