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Anton, my Belarusian girls’ service client of 40+ years, with belly devilishly far away from flatness, took me on nature, to eat barbecue (shish kebabs in Turkish) and drink vodka – he was Russian and wanted to have a sexy girl on his leisure time on nature. He was a long-stayer in Turkey and seems like he longed for his native country’s habits.

He had a big jeep car, where he put all his provision and friends. Oh, yeah – there were 2 other guys besides him so they can booze and eat not in loneliness. I didn’t spot any sports inventory so I guess it’ll be only drinking and eating. His friends were throwing glances at me for the entire road and making silly and flat jokes about me and Belarusian girls service in general. When we got there, to my relief, it was a nice river with sandy shore below the willow trees – so as they were busy with making eatery and boozery, I grabbed my swimming suit and dived into the warm water. The sun was hot and though the car air conditioner worked well, it was still hot – but not anymore, as I felt fantastic relish after I dived.

During swimming, I saw as two of his pals were chopping woods to make a fire in the brazier they brought while one took all clothes off, including pants, and dived into the water. He swam close to me. That was my Belarusian girls’ service client. Seems like he’d decided to abandon his pals and join me for a while. He got closer and our breaths met. I felt he was already tipsy. He kissed me and I understood he wants to make sex right now and here. But, as we did not stand on the solid ground, I told him that in order to make it possible, we had to find some bottom under our feet. He agreed and we started searching. Closer to the shore, it was a willow, covering some part of the water surface with its winged ramification of branches and roots. We got under one of the roots and started kissing. He wanted me to strip naked and so I did, taking off the swimsuit’s both parts. My upper part of the body was above the water’s surface and so the boobs were seen. He touched my pussy in the water with one hand and grabbed my boob with another. Went inside of labia and started moving a finger there. I told him that it is better to have sex outside the water as who knows what is in there, but he didn’t listen. He bent me as much as it was possible without immersion of me into the water and entered inside, without any preliminary games, just as inside of a regular wonderful escort Bursa girl.

Movements in water are tough – that’s why boxers train in the water to make their hits much stronger. When it comes to sex in water, it usually turns out that you only can sustain several dozen of motions before tiredness comes up. In less than a minute, he told me to get out of the water, just as I initially proposed. Men are so men – they never listen.

I went out, wet and white, soft but elastic. My round buttocks are my pride, they are so sturdy that one can crash nuts using them. I do sports sometimes. But even more, I do sex – and that what keeps me in a good shape every day. So, we got out. It’s not a soul around, only birds are singing and grasshoppers make their squeaky sounds. This place is not popular for BBQ, I guess, which is even better – we can make love as long as we want. He pushes me on the grassy ground and opens my legs wider. Enters inside and starts movements.

“Oh, yeah, this is much better than in the water,” he shouts. Of course, silly, it is.

He gives me some smashes on my buttocks, making them tremble and so fleshy waves roam on their surface. It arouses him. He starts hammering my pussy and works on softening my butt hole for penetration. When he is at the closest point to orgasm, he draws his dick inside my anus hole. Uses river water to add some grease. He’s inside. The process continues and he grabs my hair pulling me up each time he is going in. Finally, one big pulling up without losing down signalizes that he cums. I don’t feel anything inside of me somehow, but it’s rather normal. He is exiting me and jumps like a bomb into the water to wash. I’m swimming too. I hope that now we’ll finally eat some kebabs.

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I am Karl. Believe it or not – but recently, I became an owner of a fucking gold mine! Not in the direct sense but it still is: a week ago, I bought a notebook full of super frank pictures of a schoolgirl dressed escort lady! I don’t know her name and I don’t know anything other about her. But since I know that your model agency provides the service of a girl, which can be dressed as a schoolgirl dressed escort lady, I want to share this story with you. Just because I’m a fucking lucky man and wanna tell someone about it! Of course, staying fully anonymous.

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Her name was Veronica and she was one of the masseuses of the escort salon. She did all the same as other models in respect with sex, but one thing deliberately made her stand out of the crowd – she was extremely well in the greasy business. It means that her best service was using baby oil to experiment with it with her men and guys. She had a lithe slim body, weighted only 55 kgs and was tall as 1.75 meters. So, you can imagine how oil was looking at her body with the 3rd size boobs and a beautiful face.

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