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Blond girls are in a long-time standoff to the brown-haired girls. Natural blond is a very rare occasion, maybe 1 in a million. But since the ancient times, it was believed that blonds are better-looking and have bigger chances to produce the offspring, women started to dye their hair into blond to attract more men and more glances. Today, 99.9% of blonds are ones with painted hair but who cares if she is more remarkable in the crowd and, truly, more appealing in beauty? Go, lovers of blonds, order them to your heated embrace and have fun.

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Age: 25 Belarusian

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Age: 24 Russian

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Age: 24 Ukrainian

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Age: 26 Ukrainian

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Age: 25 Russian

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Age: 26 Ukrainian

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Age: 27 Belarusian

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