Eskortlar Bursa fit chick provides a nude fitness lesson with continuation
» » Eskortlar Bursa fit chick provides a nude fitness lesson with continuation
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Alexander had a big dream: he wanted to possess a fit chick. Well, you know – a fit chick is a girl who is always in the gym or a fitness club, Instagrams her photos where she is super sexy, fit, muscled and the most vivid parts of her body are buttocks and breasts (that is why they have cumulative over million subscribers in social networks or close to that number), and eats nothing but a healthy food. Such girls like them always lead a fancy life, change their dresses on every new picture or a series of pictures and seem like earn money for posting their photos, while travelling a lot and not working even for a day in their life. Hundreds of millions of people would kill to live like that but only a few actually succeed.

The biggest toughness for every man is to meet a girl like this in the real life, as she seems unattainable. But things change and fit chicks also work now as eskortlar-escort girls. One of them in Bursa city for a while was Nastya.

Trying to describe her photos is like trying to measure the music. Well, yes, you can do it but once you do, you have on hands only lifeless mathematical and logical descriptions that are too far from how it actually sounds in your ears. The same she was: with round buttocks, more round than some watermelons usually are, big too as if she had a dream to make the circumference of the butt up to 120 cm not losing in beauty; her breasts were more marvelous than anything you might have seen in your life, elastic and fit – and she also could play with them as they were muscled but still tender and feminine; her belly was more flat than your cutting board (and definitely much prettier). Hair was straight and half-blond, waving in the wind. The deft cuts on the specifically crafted underwear (and swimsuits) were done by specialists of tailoring and must have cost her big money as she looked in them much more profitable than without. Tell me, dear reader – do you have any idea now of what an eskortlar Bursa girl looks? Pretty sure, you do. Somewhere around at 70%. Way another thing is to hold her in your arms, feeling her trained body, smell her exciting and unusually acute but vividly pleasant smell, look into her blue eyes feeling the peppery character. It can’t be pretty much described with words.

He was lucky enough to order an eskortlar Bursa girl to make use of her at 200%.

The first 100% supposed to be looking at her when she was doing physical exercises at his house. Naked. He simply sat back on a big couch and watched her movements for over an hour. Sometimes corrected her angle towards him. He was eating the girl with eyes, sensing her muscles working out under the skin, looking at her exciting motions. She was stepping back and forth, while her butts strained from that, increasing, and relaxed when the step was over, decreasing. She started jumping and he was mesmerized from the way all her body worked as a single string or better say – as a power lifting mechanism. A machine covered with the skin. When she started lifting her right leg to show the stirring between-the-legs area, he just couldn’t restrain himself anymore.

So he got to the other 100% of his plan: going inside of eskortlar Bursa, see how it feels when you actually possess a girl as her: whether it’ll be hard to put a penis inside her tight pussy and even tighter butt; is her mouth wins in delicacy from the inflated lips (he wasn’t sure that these are her natural ones – they were eventually too big to be natural if to ponder) and if this angel face helps in the fineness of the orgasm he’s about to receive.

After a half an hour, he was still very excited touching her body, feeling as fibers move under the skin. His dick was in tight embraces of her sheath of love cavern. However, he couldn’t even enter her ass – the hole was too tight or maybe the girl could not relax. After several unsuccessful attempts, he took a dildo and shoved it into her anus while zealously masturbating with a hand to finish on her belly just in a few seconds.

Eskortlar Bursa


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You may live for entire life and not even have a clue that there are such places in your city that are equipped to show naked girls from behind the glass. You pay for a specific time there, in a private cabin, and once you enter, a girl starts dancing exclusively for you. You can watch, you can masturbate, pleasing oneself, the Russian escort in Bursa girl will hear your wishes to fulfill what you want, to turn the way you want but the only thing remaining intact is the bar between you and her – tempered glass impossible to break. You will not be able to touch a girl, to have sex many times with her, to smell her neither is she – but you don’t even imagine how popular these ‘institutions’ are – even more popular than usual escort agencies for Russian escort in Bursa girls.

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Alina is a woman experiencing huge success with escort girls in Bursa service agency. She has many clients every week and her time is literally booked weeks upfront, like in a good restaurant. It just she isn’t serving food, she is a very hefty specialist in erotic pleasure. The story below is partially written from her words and something we already knew when hired her to work with our escort Bursa model agency.

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