Escort girls in Bursa serve as characters from Angry Birds for one of their clients
» » Escort girls in Bursa serve as characters from Angry Birds for one of their clients
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He was excited to look at those magnificent girls in the way he always wanted: he made them become birds from Angry Birds game, and he dressed as a pig himself. He wanted to start making sex with those girls that he had ordered from Escort Bursa service agency.

This idea came up to him out of sudden, as he was playing this game on his mobile phone one day. Several more days took him to think up the details, and then he ordered elements of suits and suits themselves from a seamstress company that produced all kinds of attires according to client’s wishes. They have elaborated together several costumes of birds to be worn on girls and sewn them in two weeks from elastic spandex material. Costumes were done great, with no stitches visible, and they were of medium size, to fit on a girl of same body constitution, embracing several popular sizes at once. These even had wings and beaks as a part.

After everything was done, he took them home and updated the way he wanted: made holes between legs, overlocked the edges to make them endurable, and meticulously picked 5 girls to participate in his one-man party that he planned to organize on Saturday. Every selected girl from Bursa girls model agency was of approximately the same body parameters like height and weight. He informed an operator about his desire and received an answer that no extra charge will be applied; only a time of every girl should be paid. That was perfectly fine for him.

When girls from Bursa girls model agency arrived, each of them was excited about being a part of the unusual date, not like the most they encounter. Each of them took her dress off completely and started wearing costumes. There were such costumes: a blue one representing three little birdies unmerging from one, red one for one of red birdies, white for a bird that throws eggs, gray one for a bird flying with zigzags, and a black one – that he especially loved for its attractiveness itself and on a girl – representing a bomb bird.

They looked in these simply adorable. He watched at their fit and curvaceous bodies covered in these stretching suits, with these beaks made of carton painted in the color of every suit. These attires cost him a couple thousand bucks (the same as girls) but he was wealthy enough and could allow himself this little whim.

He left a room for a couple of minutes to dress oneself – green slinky suit making him look like a pig from the game. Girls had fun a lot after seeing him, but this was exciting fun, not mockery, not at all.

Firstly, he ordered girls to dance in the suits under dance music, just to entertain. He danced together with them, touching every girl in a manner he wanted. It was his night, so he set the rules.

Costumes were very slinky on every girl appetizingly underlining their curve lines, fit bellies, tight buttocks, gorgeous breasts. Under cloth, they were all warm from dancing and pastime. In some moment, he has decided it is time to make a deal. So he told all girls to take a doggie position and soon enjoyed their fancy Bursa girls pussies protruding out of holes he made in costumes. He took a condom on and approached everyone, one after another, feeling as they differ in depth, size, an angle of positioning, and tightness of a pussy. It was the greatest bliss for him, a peak, where a party was arranged only for him, and revolved only around his person. One girl had a pussy wet and tight, another had it a little drier, with big outer lips around her sexy gates. Yet another girl had it so velvety and nice smelling that he lost count of time and only woke himself up when felt he is about to finish while he did not try two more girls. Resting for a while, after one cigarette, he calmed down a little and continued having a good time with rest two girls. He still finished inside of the penultimate one, and so he just had the delight to immerse his fingers in the warm and soft vagina of the fifth maiden, to try them all. Yes, this evening was remarkable.


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It was a huge mansion located on the beach, and the latter was a private territory, fenced and it was hard to get here if you weren’t invited. It was crowded today – photographers, stylists, line managers, and so on. A team consisted of 15 people, not less. The mansion was a private property of Steven – the owner of the above-mentioned magazine but he hasn’t shown up yet in person.

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